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Responsible in the supply chain

Responsible in the supply chain

The forwarding service provider organizes the transport of goods assigned to it by a customer, using various means - trucks, trains, ships, aircraft and / or a combination thereof. The assignment is realized through an Application - Contract by a freight forwarder, in which each of the parties has its responsibilities.
Responsibilities of the forwarder
The freight forwarder performs the activity and services under the transactions concluded by him with the care of a good trader, applying his professional skills and fulfilling his obligations within a reasonable time. He must have the necessary staff, organization, structures, capital and skills to perform the agreed services. The freight forwarder is obliged to take reasonable measures to follow the instructions of his client, without contradicting the provisions concerning his activity. If the customer's instructions are insufficient or unenforceable, it is the shipper's responsibility to notify the customer. The freight forwarder may deviate from the instructions given by the customer in case there is serious reason to believe that this deviation is necessary in order to preserve the interests of the same.
Based on his professional knowledge and responsible care for the interests of his client, the freight forwarder is obliged to notify his client in advance of the possible circumstances that may hinder the execution of the freight forwarding order. In case a contract has already been concluded and circumstances arise which, in the opinion of the freight forwarder, may impede the performance of his contractual obligations, he is obliged to notify the client and request additional instructions.
Customer responsibilities
The main obligation of the client is to give sufficient and feasible instructions on the implementation of the forwarding contract. When assigning an activity, transaction or service to the freight forwarder, the client declares that:
 - he is the legal administrator or proxy of the legal administrator regarding the goods and the acceptance of the set conditions for the account and on behalf of the latter.
 - that he has the necessary information regarding the transactions for the performance of which he hires the services of the forwarder, including the conditions of delivery of the goods;
 - knows the goods and their properties subject to transport and that the description submitted to them is complete and accurate, for the purposes for which the goods are handed over to the forwarder;
The customer shall also declare that the goods are not subject to transactions prohibited in the country of departure, destination and transit and are properly prepared, packaged and marked for the purposes for which they are handed over to the forwarder, unless the preparation, packaging and marking of the goods are the commitment of the freight forwarder.
By signing the declaration, the customer accepts all rights and limitations of the forwarder's liability and all its obligations and responsibilities, including the obligation to indemnify the forwarder in certain circumstances against costs, damages, losses and claims of third parties.
In case the freight forwarder has agreed to perform the loading and / or reinforcement, when transporting goods in or on a transport unit, the client declares that the goods and cargoes are suitable for transport in the proposed and discussed transport unit; properly packed, arranged and reinforced in the same; that the transport unit is in a suitable condition for the transport of the loaded goods.
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