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  • International road transport - basic documents

    International road transport - basic documentsUseful information In the international transport of goods and cargo, there are several basic documentsCMR is the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, proving the delivery of…

  • International Transport

    International transport - a few important things to know Each business has its own specific requirements. When choosing an international transport partner for your goods and cargo, it is important to make sure that he clearly understands your needs. The…

  • Air Cargo

    When forwarding cargo by air, the specific parameters of the cargo and the destination are important.Here is some useful information about the main factors shaping the price of air freight for the terms used in air freight.What is air freight?The freight is a…

  • Financial risk ?! This is not a problem.

    There are people who believe that the money given for insurance is wasted. There are others - who believe the exact opposite.Every activity is associated with risks. Each company makes a forecast and a plan for the realization of the profit, for the expenses,…





Freight rail freight - deliveries from China to Bulgaria and back.