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  • Transport of medicines

    Medicinal products must be protected from the effects of temperature, humidity and all external factors that may impair their quality and integrity. The vehicles used for their transport must be suitable for the purpose, and the supply of medicinal products…

  • Responsible in the supply chain

    The forwarding service provider organizes the transport of goods assigned to it by a customer, using various means - trucks, trains, ships, aircraft and / or a combination thereof. The assignment is realized through an Application - Contract by a freight…

  • Types of cargo and road transport for them

    When it comes to hiring transport for goods or goods, a number of factors need to be taken into account in order for transport to be carried out in a safe and appropriate manner. One of the most used means of sending and receiving goods is the road. There are…

  • Combined transport

    Transport in which freight units are transported by at least two different modes of transport is combined or intermodal. The combination of different modes of transport, such as rail and road (especially for Europe and Asia), land and sea, land and air, is…




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