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Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe. On the north border with France, on the west with Portugal, on the east and part of the south is the Mediterranean Sea, on the west is the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain's economy is the ninth largest in the world and the fifth in Europe. Spain is a highly developed industrial-agrarian country. In terms of industrial production, it is ranked fifth in Europe and eighth in the world. The most developed industries are mechanical engineering, automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft, automotive, electrical, chemical, textile. The country is rich in minerals. Spain is a large producer of wine (3rd place in Europe), rice (the highest yields in the world), almonds, tobacco, olives (first in the world for the production of high quality olive oil). The largest car factories are located in Martorell (near Barcelona), Vigo, Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid, Pamplona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Valladolid, Palencia. The planes are manufactured in Seville (two factories), Getafe (near Madrid) and Cadiz, and helicopters at the new Albacete plant. The largest centers of locomotive and wagon construction are Las Matas (next to Madrid), San Andreo Comtal (next to Barcelona), Beasain and Irun (in the Basque Country), Zaragoza, Valencia and others. It produces some of the fastest trains in the world.

Spain's main trading partners for the import and export of goods are France, Germany and Italy. Basque Country

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and full loads from and to Spain.