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Romania is a country in Southeastern Europe. It borders northeast with Moldova and Ukraine, on the west with Hungary and Serbia, and on the south with Bulgaria. There is an exit to the Black Sea to the east.

Romania produces coal, natural gas, iron ore and oil, but most of the raw materials needed for industrial capacity are imported from abroad. Industrial production includes chemicals, metalworking, machinery manufacturing, industrial and transportation equipment, textiles, consumer goods, woodworking and equipment.
Exported goods: machinery and equipment, metals and metal products, textiles and footwear, chemicals, agricultural products, minerals, fuels (Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Hungary)
Imported goods: machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels and minerals, metals, textile products, agricultural products (Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, China, Kazakhstan, Austria)

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and complete loads from and to Romania.