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Italy is a country in Europe located south of the Alps, on the Apennine Peninsula. Italy borders France to the northwest, Switzerland and to the north, Slovenia to the east, the San Marino enclave and the Vatican, located in Rome.

The country produces mercury, pyrite, coal, iron ore, oil, bauxite, marble and more. The most advanced industries are mechanical engineering, automotive, food, chemical, textile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aircraft, electronics, electrical, optical, petroleum refining.

Italy is one of the most developed countries in the world. Mechanical engineering is well-developed, mainly hot drinks machines and machines for the industry. In the automotive industry. Italy is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances. The country is a global producer of pasta, wines and more.

Exports: Raw materials of the petroleum industry / Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals / automobiles, finished products of the textile, footwear and leather industries.

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and full loads from and to Italy.