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Belgium is a country in Western Europe. It borders the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, and to the northwest with the North Sea.

Densely populated Belgium is located in the heart of one of the most industrialized regions of the world. Belgium is often referred to as the "heart of Europe", not only because of its geographical location but also because of the many European and international institutions with its headquarters in Brussels.

Belgium is a highly developed industrial country. The most advanced industries are mining, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering (automobiles, hoisting machines, aircraft engines), the arms industry, chemical, petrochemical, pulp, textile, textile , the food industry, diamond processing and trade. High-performance agriculture, large-scale farming. Production of wheat, barley, oats, sugar beet, potatoes, forage, horticulture and greenhouse production, cattle, pigs, mussel farming in North Sea farms.

Export: main export items - transport equipment, diamonds, metals and metal products, food and beverages, chemical products.
Imports: main import items - raw materials, chemicals, food and beverages, machinery and equipment, petroleum products.

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and complete loads from and to Belgium.